library is an important source of knowledge to young minds. Books cultivate the fine skills and give broader perspective to students. M. M. Polytechnic flaunts a rich and spacious library where 11,750 books, 11 journals, 8 magazines, 6 news-papers and innumerable e-books serve students mind.


Reading room facility:

Infrastructure of library has been specially designed in such a way that increases reading interest of students. Reading room has the seating capacity for 80 students. It is equipped with well-maintained tables and chairs for the seating arrangement. Computers, with a standard range of software including internet access and word processing have been made available in the library. Student has to enter his/ her name in the library entry register to use the reading room facility. The librarian observes the behaviour of students in the reading room and tries to maintain discipline and silence.

Working hours of Library :  10 a.m. to 6.00 p. m. on all working days

Book Bank Scheme

The college has Book Bank Scheme. In this scheme books of syllabus for all subjects are provided to students for the entire semester. The students make request to avail such facility to library and required books are provided to them. At the end of the semester students have to return books in good condition. The process is carried out by library.

Reference Service

Library houses all important reference sources like encyclopaedias, handbooks and manuals, reference section. Users can also contact library staff for any assistance.

Newspapers and magazines: 

Library subscribes the adequate number of Marathi and English newspapers and Magazines. This helps students to get the information about the current happenings in the society in all spheres of life.

Name of Internet Provider :  Hathway

 10 PC’s are available for Digital library

 Available Bandwidth : 32 Mbps

 WiFi Availability : Yes

 Internet Access in labs, classrooms, library and offices of all department : Yes

 Security Arrangement : Firewall Protection & Individual security password



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